We invite you to please come fill an empty chair, hear the sounds of music and walk with us down memory lane.


As we begin our 4th year, the memories take us down old dirt roads we have come to love!  Mark and I still stand amazed at how God has blessed us with the stories we have learned about the past musicians and their families.  Their memories have touched our hearts.  But the greatest compliments are unsaid--it is watching the faces of folks who walk through the door and stare at the stage or bleachers, the smiles, eyes full of tears and laughter.  It touches our hearts every time and we are humbled how something so small can have such meaning.  We look out and watch the kids playing out in the yard as the sun begins to set!  Whether it is chasing a ball or chasing each other, their laughter shows us that memories are also being made for this age in life!  


I reflect on my parents!  Are these the same feelings that Mom and Dad had and is this why Mooneyham Junction continued for so many years?  My parents loved hosting these music parties!  They loved selecting the weekly entertainment and were so honored when bands would call to book a date to play in the Quonset barn!  We, too, have been honored to learn that bands would love to be a part of our monthly shows!  Our family atmosphere and responsive crowds are becoming increasingly well known and we look forward to our 4th year to see what God has in store! 


These musicians come out of their love for the music!  They come knowing they will receive whatever monetary gift is given, but their God given gift  for entertaining is shown with each ring of the cowbell, and applause!  Their humbleness shows as they talk to the crowd after a show.  We have also witnessed many times the bond that connects these band members!  They stay talking and laughing with each other after the crowd is gone and their sounds echo on in the old barn.


So come travel down that old dirt road with us!  Sit back, let out a “Yee Haw,” dance a little jig, and have a great time!





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Come see us on the second Saturday of each month!

Live Music 7PM – 9PM

 Music Then & Now

LIVE MUSIC 7Pm - 9pm
Second Saturday, each month

upcoming 2018 bands

April 14 - Potters Wheel
May 19 - Blue Train
June 2 - Potters Wheel + Antique Cars & Hot Rods + Fireworks Show
June 16 - Dreadnoughts
July 14 - Casey & the Atta Boys
August 11 - Red Letter Edition
September 8 - Brightwater Junction
October 13 - HonkyTonk Renovators
October 27 - Bob Davidson/aka Bobo
November 10 - Sweetwater Country


Uncle Doug's Smokin' BBQ food truck will be at all events!

"The Good Ol' Days"

I was fortunate to have two loving, hard-working parents. Their purpose in life was to work hard, make memories, to feed whoever darkened their doorway, and make their children's lives better than theirs. Most of my childhood was never knowing a stranger and to know you would always need one more chair around the table for the noon or evening meal.


The beginning of this project has its roots in my father's need to protect his livelihood when he had built the Quonset barn to protect the much needed machinery made up of tractors, combines and haying equipment, etc. During this construction someone mentioned to my parents that this would be a great place for country music. With this simple statement, the barn added a new dimension for one night of the week: a gathering place to listen to music while visiting with old friends and the making of new friends. So Moooneyham Junction was born...a place to gather, laugh, sing and listen to wonderful music. Your "Cheatin Heart," "Crazy" and  "Faded Love" were some of my favorites! While we had no Hank, Patsy or Johnny, everyone believed this little "Opry" was always better than the real thing!

Please come on down. Our hope is that you will find that one thing that brings back a memory or to start a new memory that can be passed on through your family.


Call (417) 827-3111 or Email


15964 West County Line Rd.
Billings, MO 65610


Of all the paths
you take in life, 
make sure a few
of them are dirt...